Holden HJ Kingswood - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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'Grandpa' spec car should be easy to live with

Holden HJ Kingswood - today's tempter
HJ Kingswood should be a very reliable bit of kit.

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Holden's HJ series is the next development step along from the HQ, and the big styling difference is the squared-up American-style nose cone, giving it a more substantial if less elegant look than its predecessor.

At the rear, the car featured a new bumper and tail-lights.

It came in wagon, sedan, utility, van and Monaro coupe, while you had a choice of two sixes and two V8s, along with three or four-speed manuals and three-speed autos.

Around 176,000 were built over the 1974-76 production period. Located in WA, this example runs what was probably the most popular engine/transmission mix, which is the 202ci (3.3lt) six-pot red motor and the Trimatic transmission. It's a pretty bulletproof combination.

This car seems to have had a fair bit of maintenance work done on it over the years and presents very close to original spec. It's priced at $13,500.


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