Ford Falcon Brabham six heads to auction

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

Race legend's dealer-prepared special

Ford Falcon Brabham six heads to auction
Interesting Falcon variant signed by a world champion is up for auction.

A little while ago we ran a story on this six-cylinder Brabham dealership special, which appeared for sale at Trade Unique Cars. Now it's up for auction this weekend at Lloyds and some more info has come to light.

According to the owner, it's a predecessor to the XY GT race tribute specials produced by Brabham's Sydney dealership.

Here is what they revealed: "In the late 60s Sir Jack Brabham had Bankstown Ford in Sydney and in the 70s badged approximately 60 cars with the Brabham name to compete with the factory GTs.

"This 6 cylinder XW version is thought to be an early demo model for the future XY versions. The options include two-tone paint, front disc brakes, heater, and GT mirrors including remote driver side mirror. This car is unique in its polished side and rear mouldings.

"The car was found left in a yard by the first owner's children, and was eventually purchased by a friend of mine who cleaned the car up and got it mechanically reliable. We arranged the car to be autographed by Sir Jack, then purchased by myself where we restored the body, paintwork and original mouldings." We're told it comes with some documentation.

So, where will it end up? It would certainly be a talking point for a collection.

Online bidding has begun and the auction concludes Saturday - look for lot 63.


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