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By: Phil Walker

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ford falcon xa gt rp083 ford falcon xa gt rp083

Uncle Phil's shopping for a new car and is open to suggestions. Here's a few that have caught his eye this month from the Unique Cars classifieds

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1973 Ford Falcon XA GT RP083

This takes some getting used to. $185k for a car with an Aunger louvre? I can recall a time when, even in RPO83 spec, this would have been a fairly cheap car. Now the asking price is way up there at nearly two hundred grand.

Ford -falcon -xa -gt -rp 083-interior

Still, as we’ve seen from recent auction results, if you have the right Aussie muscle car in the right trim, you can virtually name your price. Which Chester here has every right to do and we don’t doubt that it’ll find a taker. One of only 259 produced, this is one of eight finished in factory paint code Z Wild Violet exterior with a beige vinyl roof.

Ford -falcon -xa -gt -rp 083-engine

The car remains mainly unrestored but is in overall tidy nick. It’s not something that I’d be tempted by, but I’ll include it here because I know plenty of people who right now are doing some pretty disgraceful ‘man maths’ in order to get this in their lock-up.

See the XA GT RP083 ad here

1970 Mazda 1800 Wagon

Mazda -1800-wagon

Flip open my garage and you’d be excused for thinking muscle cars were all that interested me, but you’d be wrong. I’ve got all the time in the world for Japanese curios like this Mazda 1800 wagon.

Mazda -1800-wagon -front

It presents in great condition, has been tastefully upgraded and comes with a whole stack of spares to depress her indoors with.These were everywhere at one stage but are getting pretty thin on the ground now, so $12,000 doesn’t seem too big a liberty.

See the Mazda 1800 wagon ad here

1972 Plymouth Satellite

Plymouth -satellite

Like originality? Then move along. Nothing to see here. If , on the other hand, you can appreciate a car that’s been built with a lot of love and a pretty creative remit, I think you’ll like this ’72 Satellite. It’s got a 440 big block up front, so it’s not backwards about coming forward.

Plymouth -satellite -interior

The Hemi Orange paint isn’t for shrinking violets either and nor are the dual stainless zorsts. If you need some brilliantly obnoxious plug-and-play grunt in your life, TGS Muscle Cars has a dotted line that’s looking for your signature.

Plymouth -satellite -engine -bay

See the Plymouth Satellite ad here



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