Rampant rodents ravage eco-friendly wiring looms

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Got a rat story? Or, even better, a cure?

Rampant rodents ravage eco-friendly wiring looms
Volvo XC60 has proven to be edible.

Okay we’ve heard of bats in your belfry (which is not a compliment), but rats in your Volvo?

A story doing the rounds at the moment says that some the more environmentally-friendly materials used to wrap car wiring looms is something of a delicacy for your average rodent.

Of course this is easily fixed: get a cat or, like the Editor, several.

However the stories, which seemed to have started in the USA, suggest there are alternative cures, such coyote piss – yep you read that right.

Reporting on the ongoing travails of a Volvo XC60 owner, Forbes magazine reports: "Meantime, JoAnn conducted an exhaustive Google search and discovered a new rat repellent: Coyote urine.  She bought a supply of the Coyote formula from Home Depot for $24 -- plus shipping.

"Every night, Joann pours a little coyote piss around her tires. 'I dot my driveway with some too," she says. She also places a  Coyote urine-soaked sponge inside a tin pan near the car.'"

You can read the whole sorry tail…oops, tale…right here.

We have heard of rodents setting up house in cars. If you’ve got a story, why not share it with us vial email at uniquecars@bauertrader.com.au.


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