Jaguar XK150S + Holden Overlander + Porsche 928 - The Cars That Got Away

By: Cliff Chambers

Jaguar XK150S Roadster, Holden Overlander Van and Porsche 928 coupe - just some of the cars we should have bought or are just glad we didn't...

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Jaguar -xk 150s -roadster

Jaguar XK150S Roadster - January 1995

Jaguar’s XK had by 1957 just about reached the limit of its evolution. However the sight of a chubby XK seemed not to bother buyers in the USA one bit and around 90 percent of production was left-hand drive.  Given  that fewer than 100 S-spec Roadsters were made RHD it is understandable that they rarely appear for sale. LHD sales run currently in $120-160,000 range and the last one we found locally was in 2011 when it achieved $120,000. Given the model’s scarcity, values are likely to have climbed well beyond that figure.

Then: $95,000. Now: $180-$200,000 

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Holden -overlander -van

Holden Overlander Van - June 1987

The catchphrase ‘tell him he’s dreaming’ may well have first been uttered in response by someone  seeing immense amount being asked for this jacked up, Chevy-powered Holden panel van. At the time you could buy an excellent A9X for less.  Unlike Ford’s XY 4x4 utility, the Overlander wasn’t dreamed up by GM-H either. The conversion originated in Tasmania and according to information gleaned when one was sold a few years back, just 80 were made including 30 vans. At least one survivor was used as an ambulance but none came new with a 350 engine. That was added later. 

Then: $17,000. Now: $30-$35,000 

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Porsche -928

Porsche 928 - May 2001

Did any Porsche ever fall from grace with a louder thud than the 928? New in 1979 this car cost more than a suburban house yet within 22 years had plunged so far it was barely worth the cost of a decent caravan. They weren’t pretty to look at and mechanical repairs even for well-off owners were a killer. Anyone who bought a used 928 with hopes of enjoying some low-cost exhilaration rarely relished the experience but they were basically a good car. Manuals are scarce and hopefully this one generated sufficient collector appeal to ensure its survival. 

Then: $10,900. Now: $24-$30,000

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