FPV F6 Typhoon + Ford Galaxie 500 + Leyland P76 - Phil's Picks

By: Phil Walker

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Uncle Phil's top picks this week from the TradeUniqueCars classifieds

2005 FPV F6 Typhoon BF

Fpv -typhoon -f6

Muscle cars will cost you. Ask me how I know. Thing is, if you’re not after the last word in originality or the very rarest models, you can buy something that’s tough as nails on a reasonable budget. Take this FPV F6 Typhoon. It’s one of our favourite ever Falcons, yet this low kilometre car would set you back about what you’d pay for a midspec Camry. Time and again this ballistic BF crops up on the ‘cars I should have bought’ lists. Here’s your chance to make amends.

1967 Ford Galaxie 500

Ford -galaxie -500

Ditch the wheels for something a bit less cartoonish and I reckon this Galaxie would look pretty schmick. It’s been painted in a gorgeous Dodge Viper blue and you’ve got 390 cubic inches of righteous attitude underfoot. The interior’s said to be in good shape although I’d be looking to swap out the SunPro gauges and wooden steering wheel for something more authentically gritty. Wind the execution back just a couple of notches and this one’ll come very good.

Leyland P76 Super

Leyland -p 76

This might just be the first Leyland P76 that has ever been offered for sale without a picture of a 44-gallon drum in the boot. Dud, lemon, Car of the Year, call it what you will, but life with a P76 is probably a long way from dull. This one's the midrange Super model (you could also buy a base Deluxe and a swankier Executive) and has the lovely V8 lump rather than the dour six. It's also brown. That counts in its favour if you're looking for period 1970s authenticity.



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