Ford XC Cobra + Morgan Plus 8 - The Cars That Got Away

By: Cliff Chambers

Ford Falcon XC Cobra & Morgan Plus 8, just a couple of the cars we should have bought or are just glad we didn't...

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Ford XC Cobra - June 2003

Ford -xc -bathurst

This column has considered Cobras in the past but take a look at this ripper. Just 15 years ago it was still possible to spend $50,000 on one of the rarest and most desirable of all the ‘Bathurst Specials’ created by local manufacturers. The Falcon Cobra Club of Australia confirms that Car #26 now resides in Victoria but provides no extra detail. Option #97 cars are hardly ever offered on the open market and values are difficult to determine. What’s beyond debate is that whoever paid $49K for it in 2003 has done very well.

Then: $49,000. Now: $200-225,000

Morgan Plus 8 - April 1986

Morgan -plus -8

Eight-cylinder Morgans have a mystique about them but currently not a huge following in the market. This one hails from Cyprus; possibly an unusual place to find a Morgan but we doubt its original homeland would have dented values. The main factor restricting demand for older Plus 8s was that Morgan kept making them until 2004 and subsequently brought back a moderately updated version for 2012. Having the older, slower and somewhat creaky version appealed to some purists but most seemed to want newer versions.

Then: $24,000. Now: $55-70,000

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