Ford Galaxie Country Squire + De Soto Firedome - Phil's picks 398

By: Phil Walker

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Two of Uncle Phil's top picks from the Unique Cars classifieds


De -soto -firedome

Everything about this car just says ‘tetanus hazard’ to me, and I’ve already started chugging hand sanitiser just scrolling through the pictures of this oxidised De Soto. But just because it’s a rat rod doesn’t mean that a lot of care hasn’t gone into the build of this car.

De -soto -firedome -engine

The guys behind it clearly knew what they were doing and it sports a fully rebuilt 291Hemi lump and Powerflite tranny, which, with the tunnel, have been lifted 100mm to cope with a slammed ride height.

De -soto -firedome -rear

Slam Specialties 7s airbags are fitted front and rear and the vendor claims that it drives perfectly at any height, and gets full lock at any height. My missus would stab me if I brought this home, but I’ve got to respect the imagination here.


Ford -galaxie -country -squire

I'll admit it. My surfing days are over. In fact, my surfing days were over the second time I got on a surfboard and ran face first into Altona pier. That hurt. But let’s ignore that for a moment and imagine I was in need of something spacious and cool to trundle down to check on the swell of a morning. This Galaxie Country Squire would be pretty high on my priority list. Under that slab of a bonnet is a doughty 289 driving a Ford-O-Matic three-speed. Radical brah, as I think they say.



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