Ford Galaxie 1966 coupe - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Big coupe is a favourite

Ford Galaxie 1966 coupe - today's tempter
Big tough Galaxie has the premium engine.

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One thing we've noticed over time, watching responses to stories in print and online, is that mid-sixties Galaxies, and particularly the two-door coupes, are a crowd favourite.

There's something about the handsome and optimistic styling that gets under people's skin.

By this stage the Galaxie name - which was a clear reference to the ongoing space race - was attached to the third generation of car. The stand-out feature was the twin vertically stacked headlights (up to 1968) plus the squared-off tail-lamps.

Essentially the car was an all-new design introduced in 1965 - a major break-away from its predecessors, and bulkier with it. We also saw rear leaf springs ditched in favour of coils.

You could still get a six-cylinder version, though the V8s were the real game and ranging in size from a 289ci (4.7lt)  that was in common use across several models through to a 428ci (7.0lt).

They came in sedan, two or four-door hardtops and a two-door convertible.

This Vic example is running a 428 with auto, power steering, air-conditioning and disc brakes. The seller says it's factory original and has it priced at $48,900.


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