Ford Galaxie 1964 - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Two-door hardtop is a hard act to beat

Ford Galaxie 1964 - today's tempter
Big sixties two-door Galaxie has huge appeal.

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You've gotta love a Mustang, but when it comes to sheer presence, an early sxities Ford Galaxie coupe is a very hard act to beat. So much so that putting one of the cover of Unique Cars magazine pretty well guarantees solid news-stand sales.

The car you see here is a 1964 model, arguably the most deisirable shape, and a late second-generation car. The lines were far more restrained than for its fifties predecessor which, admittedly, is a handsome car.

Galaxies were sold in several configurations in this generation, including two and four-door hardtops, a sedan and convertible.

There was one six-xylinder option - a 223 (3.7lt) - and six V8s ranging from the popular 289 (4.7lt) through to 427 (7.0lt). You could get a three-speed manual, however the three-speed Cruie-O-Matic auto was by far the dominant choice.

The platform was Ford's 119in (3023mm) wheelbase.

This car boasts an older restoration with some light custom touches, such as pipes, engine dress-up bits and paint. Running a 352 (5.8lt) V8 it seems to present well and comes with a Vic RWC. It's priced at $35,000.


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