Ferrari 250 GTO replica - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Okay, not the multi-million rarity, but nevertheless a nice-looking car.

Ferrari 250 GTO replica - today's tempter
Looks good and it's a wholoe lot cheaper than the real thing.

Imagine our surprise when we spotted what was listed as a Ferrari 250 GTO in our classifieds. This Italian rarity is worth somewhere in the vicinity of $50million, so a little outside the average toybox budget.

Read on a little further, and you discover the car is in fact a GTO replica built on a Datsun 260Z chassis which, when you think about it, isn't such a bad idea.

The original Ferrari was built 1962-64 and only 39 were completed. The powerplant was a very sweet 4.0lt dry sump alloy V12 tied to a dog-leg five-speed manual transmission. It claimed around 300 horses and essentially came out of a Le Mans endurance racer.

Real ones are now worth so much money that one or two folk (notably one in NZ) have been able to charge a couple of mil for an exacting replica, so the owner can leave the real thing in the shed and play with the facsimile.

This car, however, is pitched at a more achievable level. It's running an L28 Nissan straight six, with a side-mount supercharger. The owner claims it makes around 200kW (270hp).

Meanwhile it has Ferrari wheels and stickers.

Apparently it has an engineering certificate, though anyone outside its home state of WA might want to double-check what's required in a transfer. Price? They're asking $48,000.


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