Corvette C2 + Buick GNX + Pontiac Catalina - Auction Action

By: Andy Enright

Hot on the block - Million-dollar-plus Vette, time warp Buick and Packer Pontiac 'Swiss Cheese' drag car

Look for the upcoming Lloyds classic car auction

1967 Chevrolet Corvette C2

Chevrolet -corvette

Sold: $1,02M
Mecum, Kissimmee

Having the only Tuxedo Black-and-Bright Blue Corvette produced for model-year 1967 with a side exhaust probably doesn’t mean much of anything to most people. But it meant enough to a handful of Corvette nuts who pushed the bidding for this 435hp convertible up to $1.025m. That’s roughly around four times the price of a car without such a tenuous claim on uniqueness. Yes, it’s a lovely example but over a million?

1987 Buick GNX

Buick -gnx

Sold: $220,000
Mecum, Kissimmee

This is the last of the 547 Buick GNXs ever built and it’s displaying a spry 68 miles on the odometer. The interior still sports the protective plastic, so this one is about as time warp as it gets. Combine last of the run cachet with this sort of spooky originality and it often results in a feeding frenzy at auction. The GNX has long been teetering on proper cult status but would you go all-in on black for $220k?

1963 Pontiac Catalina 'Swiss Cheese'

Pontiac -catalina

Sold: $568,000
Mecum, Kissimmee

This wonderful Packer Lightweight factory drag car was left high and dry when GM’s racing division came to an abrupt halt in 1963 in the face of anti-trust investigations. Only 14 of these so-called ‘Swiss Cheese’ cars escaped the factory. These specials saw liberal use of the hole-saw and the fitment of aluminium body panels helped ease the quarter-mile time down to around 12 seconds.


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