Chrysler Valiant VK wagon 1975 - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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valiant vk wagon valiant vk wagon

Aussie family car is a survivor

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Finding good wagons from the mid-seventies is a bit fo a challenge these days - they exist but only in small numbers. They seem however to be very much back on the collector radar and to find one in decent nick for under $10k is a bit of a rarity.

Chrysler VKs were essentially a relatively minor facelift from the VJ series. Some technical improvements were also made, including to the brake circuits and a change of carburettor options.

Several body styles were on offer, including sedan, wagon, coupe (Charger) and utility.

Five engine options were offered: three straight sixes (215, 245 and 265ci) and two V8s (318 and 360ci). You also had a choice between a three or four-speed manual, or a three-speed automatic.

The South Australian car you see here is running a 245ci (4.0lt) six and auto. The owner says a number of items have been recently refreshed and overall the car looks like a pretty good survivor. If it checks out well, it could be very solid value at $7200.


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