Brabham Ford Falcon 500 1970 - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

brabham ford falcon1 Brabham Ford Falcon 500 brabham ford falcon1
brabham ford falcon2 Brabham Ford Falcon 500 brabham ford falcon2

Family sedan from the Aussie F1 Champion's Ford dealership

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You definitely will not see one of these every day - a Ford Falcon 500 from the Jack Brabham dealership, with its badges in place.

The history on this is a little hazy, but world F1 Champion Jack Brabham had a high-profile local Ford dealership for some time and did a nice trade in special order cars that were sometimes upgraded and tuned up with the help of a gent called Barry Sharp. The latter was also involved in a Brabham-backed race team and ran a workshop with its own dyno.

The story goes that some 60 XY specials were built as tribute cars to the Brabham race GTs. So far as we know, all these were 351 V8s.

However this earlier car is listed as an auto six and is clearly carrying Brabham Ford badging along with a distinctive side trim.

Given the Brabham dealership's propensity to customise cars at the time, we have no reason to doubt it's from that era and place. This looks like it would be a special order rather than one of the race tribute cars.

Certainly, anything of this stature with the Brabham name has to rate as a collectible.

It's definitely a curiosity. We'd advise doing your research on this one, as you would with any special and valuable car.

It's a tidy-looking unit, located in NSW. The owner is asking $105,000.

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