BMW 2002 Touring 1974 - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Rare body shape

BMW 2002 Touring 1974 - today's tempter
Hatchback Touring is a rare 2002 variant.

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You really won't come across one of these every day. BMW's 2002 series is widely seen as a seminal car in the brand's history and this, the hatchback Touring, is a rare variant. Having said that, this is the third one we've encountered in the last year!

Powering the 2002 is a 1991cc in-line SOHC four that came with four variants on induction: single carb, twin carb, injected and turbo.

This appears to be the single carburettor variant, which claimed around 70kW (94hp). You had a choice between four or five speed manual (with several variants of the latter) plus an auto; this runs the four-speed manual which, in our view, is a nicer thing to drive as the engine has more than enough torque to cope with one less cog.

This example is based in Vic and comes with a roadworthy. Priced at $24,500, it's got the potential to be a very useable classic.

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