1978 Mini Clubman - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique cars magazine

Getting back to basics

1978 Mini Clubman - today's tempter
We reckon it's worth it just for the grin factor!

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BMC Mini, Morris Mini, Leyland Mini, call them what you will, the legendary car that made former Alvis designer Alec Issigonis famous had a remarkable impact on motoring culture.

The fact you could build a four-seater in such a compact and largely well-mannered package was a revelation. It became a fashion icon, a film star (see the original sixties version of The Italian Job) and a fiece motorsports competitor that often nailed bigger and theoretically quicker machinery.

The name lives on as a sub-brand of BMW and the vague sihouette survives, but times have changed and it's no longer the car it once was. Safety regs alone wouldn't allow it, so it's bigger and heavier.

Minis were produced in Australia (we're said to be the only market in the world to get a Clubman van) for many years until October 1978.

Typically the later Oz cars were 1275cc Clubmans with the squared-off snout, though there were numerous variants.

The car you see here is a Clubman GT replica, with a few personal touches, including additional guages and aftermarket wheels. Running a 1310cc engine with four-speed manual transmission, it cedrtainly looks the part and should bring a smile every time you open the shed.

These things are a sopecial driving experience, being quite raw, communicative and direct. You do feel like you're in a go-cart. This one lives in NSW and is on the market for $13,500.

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