Family truckster at Lloyds

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Upgraded HQ wagon has lots of good gear

Family truckster at Lloyds
Big HQ wagon is perfect for a family get-away.

Holden’s 1971 launch of the HQ series was a game-changer for the company. While it carried some familiar engine packages across to the new range, the styling was a breakthrough effort and remains one of the company’s iconic shapes.

It was hugely popular, with hundreds of thousands being sold over the 1971-74 production period. Engine options went from two straight sixes starting with a 173ci (2.8lt) through three V8s, topping out with a 350ci (5.7lt). They were mated to three or four-speed manuals and three-speed autos.

This car has had some unique upgrades over time, from the Statesman nose cone and badges, through to the 308 V8 in the snout, with an auto, and full instrumentation in the dash.

If you were looking for a big chrome bumper wagon to load up the family and go touring in, this would be hard to pass up.

An added bonus is it gets a cameo appearance in the upcoming movie Flammable Children.

Online bidding underway and the final auction is at mid-day (Qld or non-daylight saving time). See the full catalogue here.


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