Editor’s choice: Pontiac GTO at Lloyds

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

Pontia gto front Pontia gto front
pontiac gto eng pontiac gto eng
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Pontiac GTO Pontiac GTO

Big tough cruiser with the right specs

It might all be in the eye of the beholder, but I reckon the Pontiac GTO from 1967 is one of the most handsome coupes to come out of America. And this, on offer at this Saturday’s Lloyds classic car auction, has all the right specs.

For a start it’s got the giant 428ci (7.0lt) V8. Purists may prefer the stock 400, but this will do nicely. Plus, it’s a four-speed manual with a Hurst shifter – perfect.

The 428 wasn’t a factory fit, but was available aftermarket in the USA, when the car was new, through a dealer called Royal Pontiac. In the day, they (and some other high-po predecessors) were called the Royal Bobcat, claiming 390 horses at 5200rpm and 465lb/ft of torque at 3400rpm.

It’s uncertain whether this is a Royal installation, but it fits the period.

Inside the original 8-track player is in place, along with a CD player hidden away in the glovebox.

Online bidding has begun and it will be interesting to see where it ends up at the final live auction on Saturday. It’s likely someone will drive away with a lot of car for their money.

It’s one of 61 cars up for auction tomorrow.

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