Blue Meanie, XB coupe and HK Monaro at Lloyds

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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lloyds1702b This Blue Meanie looks too good to pass up. lloyds1702b

Local hero cars line up for auction

This weekend’s Lloyds classic car auction has a tremendous depth of local and American hero cars in the line-up, suggesting the monthly events are gaining momentum.

For us the headline car is what appears to be an exceptional 1985 Brock ‘Blue Meanie’ Commodore, with under 85,000km on the clock, a full set of books and an interesting show history. If you were in the market for a Brock car, this is probably the one to have and we’ll be more than a little curious to see what the sale price is.

Another local hero model, albeit at the other end of the options scale, is a base-model 1969 HK Monaro. It’s running the 186ci (3.0lt) six with a three-speed column shift manual. The car appears to be unmolested and also shows a very odometer reading for its age – somewhere in the vicinity of 92,000 miles.

From the other side of the Pacific comes a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS SS in tidy and lightly-modified condition. In the wake of steep prices for Mustangs, these cars seem to be picking up.

Falcon hardtops also feature, with an XA and XB on offer, while there are no less the six Toranas to choose from.

We’ll unwrap some more highlights over coming days – meanwhile you can see the full listing here.

See the video preview.


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