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By: Andy Enright

This month's man-cave must haves


Hatch Hutch

Hatch -hutch

Remember the "Hatch Hutch"? We have many happy memories and would guess that there are a few of our readers who were conceived under 210D Oxford fabric in the back of a Torana? There's now a repro version, developed with Holden's approval and has been updated with a coating that's lightweight, durable and waterproof. It comes with a period fitting instruction sheet and sales flyer and will fit a flared arch hatch like an A9X.

Hatch -hutch -2

It's $280 from www.toranarpa.com.au


Sump Stamp

Sump -stamp

Can you imagine the hole left in your life after building what you thought was the perfect GT-HO tribute car only to find that your sump was short of a stamp? It's the sort of thing that would have you walking the streets at 4am, wondering how life can be so cruel. Fortunately the answer is at hand thanks to the good folks at Grafix Unlimited who can supply the requisite stamp to give your sump an inauthentic ring of authenticity. Glad we got that cleared up, $34 from grafixunlimited.com.au



Another activity that has sadly fallen from contemporary favour is having a good old HO down the Hume. Victorian police especially take a dim view of this, but if you'd prefer to sink a few schooners and reminisce about days when you could wind the needle clean off the clock, why not stick it to the man with these leather drinks coasters?

They're $11.50 each and are made from dinky-di Aussie leather that's been treated for moisture resistance. 

Get them at www.eatonlaser.com.au


Cool Car T-shirts

T -shirts

You know the drill. You're tooling about online and come across some cool t-shirts. You lob them into your cart, fill in 19 screens of checkout details and at the end you realise that after shipping it would have been cheaper and easier to restore a Citroen SM to concours condition. If that's the case, get yourself to your local Target where they're stocking these rather cool vintage shirts that will appeal to both sides of the red/blue divide.

They're a piffling $15. Check 'em at  www.target.com.au then pop down to your nearest store.


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