1971 Bolwell Nagari - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Locally-made sports car features Ford Windsor V8

1971 Bolwell Nagari - today's tempter
Bolwell Nagari is as close as this country came to making an exotic sports car.

Bolwell is one of those names which has persisted in the Australian manufacturing landscape over several decades, attached to numerous products. It is, however, most famous for its wild locally-developed sports cars.

This MkVIII Nagari is the most desirable, powered by either 302 or 351ci Ford V8s. You could prevously buy the car as a build-yourself project (MkVII) and, eventually, as a factory-assembled machine (MkVIII). Overall production numbers for the latter were very low - said to be 118.

The car created quite a stir in its day (1970-74), but timing proved to be unfortunate. A raft of crash-testing and design standards were being introduced across the world, which were very expensive to meet and beyond the reach of the fledgling enterprise.

A second-generation car, the MkX, was shown in 2008, with a compact two-seater body and powered by a 3.5lt Toyota V6. That model struggled to get off the ground in serious numbers, it's cause undoubtedly hurt by the fact it was launched about the same time a global financial crisis hit.

The car advertised here is a 1971 factory-built machine which the seller says was initially put together as a show car. Paint has been restored back to its original silver and it's running the original Bolwell wheels.

The mechanicals include a 302 Windsor V8, four-speed Toploader manual transmission and independent suspension all-round. Braking is disc front and drum rear.

Located in Vic, it's priced at $79,500.

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