Porsche + Lancia + ISO – Eurovision at Auction Action

By: Andy Enright, Unique Cars magazine

944 Porsche 944 Turbo 944
s l500 Lancia Fulvia Zagato Sport project car s l500
ISO ISO Rivolta IR300 ISO

Here’s a surefire way of making money from a classic

1989 Porsche 944 Turbo

There aren’t too many surefire ways of making money, but let me clue you in on one. Track down a Porsche 944 Turbo at a UK auction, buy it, ship it here and spend a few lazy Sundays tidying it. Everything is working in your favour: exchange rate, year of manufacture, investment potential. It all comes right with this car. Aussie demand is strong, so it's hard to get things too wrong.

Sold: $22,000 (UK)

1969 Lancia Fulvia Zagato Sport

Handy with a spanner? Love Italian classics? Got an eye for a bargain? Well you missed this one. Here’s a partially restored Fulvia Zagato project that appears to have stalled and the vendor needed some money. Unfortunately he didn’t get very much. The body is described a very rusty which is probably no surprise, but if you’re a bodywork whizz, this is a project that’d be great to get your teeth into.

Sold $6000

1967 ISO Rivolta IR300

One of the originators of the Italian GT car with Yank V8 muscle, Iso, originally Isothermos, a refrigeration company, unveiled the Rivolta IR3300 back in 1963. Industrialist owner Renzo Rivolta lent his name to the sleek coupe and employed luminaries such as engineer Bizzarrini, designer Giugiaro and chassis builder Bertone. For a long time values of these cars have languished in the doldrums, but long overdue appreciation is beginning to spark up.

Sold: $78,000

(Unique Cars magazine 397)

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