Datsun 260Z 2+2 - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

This series pretty much wiped out the opposition

Datsun 260Z 2+2 - today's tempter
Datsun 260Z still looks good today.

Datsun's 240Z and 260Z really was a game-changer when it was at its peak during the first half of the 1970s.

The hatchback coupes ran tough inline sixes, five speed transmissions (unless you piked and went for the three-speed auto), simple and elegant styling plus, most importantly, a sharp price tag.

At the time, they pretty much killed off their British and European opposition.

Straight line speed wasn't earth-shattering, but they could be hotted up fairly easily and the powerplants were robust.

Over the years, an incredible 650,000-plus were sold, though the survival rate has not been good. Rust saw a lot of them end up at the tip.

People mostly want the first-generation 240Z, something which is reflected in the prices, where you won't find a decent one for under $40,000.

However a 260Z 2+2 like this has a little extra room, which makes it a more practical drive for many. The extra load space is useful and the lines are still familiar.

This NSW example has the L28 engine out of the later 280Z and a five-speed manual trans, while the owner says it's rust free and has adjustable Koni suspension along with 16-inch Superlite wheels.

Asking price is $19,500.

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