Aston Martin V8 + Lancia Flaminia + Audi TT – auction action

By: Andy Enright, Unique Cars magazine

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Brit and Italian today, plus an up and coming German.

Aston Martin V8 + Lancia Flaminia + Audi TT – auction action
Big Aston Martin was good buying and will hold its value.

1977 Aston Martin V8 Series III

Prices for these 305hp Aston V8 coupes have reached exit velocity in recent months, but if you were on your toes at Mossgreen’s auction at Sreko Lorbek’s in Melbourne late 2016, you could have landed one for about the same price as a new BMW M3. Fitted with a Torqueflite 3-speed auto, this car landed in Australia in 1982 in its original Nutmeg Brown paint, but was subsequently repainted dark blue. It’ll be hard to lose on this magnificent British bruiser.


Sold $146,625

1963 Lancia Flaminia GT

There aren’t too many cars that were styled by Pininfarina, Zagato and Carrozzeria Touring but the Lancia Flaminia was one. Credit for the lines of the aluminium-bodied GT coupe version go to Touring, who used their trademark superleggera construction to great effect. Only 168 were built with the 2.8-litre triple-Weber V6 and while prices for these cars do look hefty compared to my pick, the Maserati Mexico, there’s no denying their elegance.


Sold $192,625 incl premium

Our pick

Up and coming – Audi TT Mk1

Yep, it’s about time that smart folk are getting a bit interested in the future prospects of the first TT coupe. Be picky here. It’s got to be the definitive article:  165kW Quattro coupe with a manual box and preferably in signature colour Avus silver. The styling was a game changer in its day and it’ll turn heads in years to come.


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