Aston Martin 15/98 & Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn - the cars that got away

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

RR DAWN MAR 85 Rolls-Royce SIlver Dawn RR DAWN MAR 85
ASTON 15 98 FEB 90 P134 Aston Martin 15/98 ASTON 15 98 FEB 90 P134

Should you have bought these Brit Bruisers when you had the chance? Look what we found in our old classifieds...

Aston Martin 15/98 & Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn - the cars that got away
These Aston Martins are now very rare and on the collector radar.

Aston Martin 15/98 Saloon - advertised Feb 1990

You would think if just five of a particular model exist, especially of an attractive-looking object like this Aston Martin, that the cost of owning a survivor would be astronomical.

Apparently not. Followers of the brand say that that production of the four-door Aston totalled 50 cars and such a low survival rate might point towards some cannibalisation to preserve the Speed and Tourer versions which can sell for over $350,000.

Just when another 15/98 saloon will appear in the market is anyones guess, so until then an estimate of value is the best we can do.

Then $49,500 Now $145-175,000

Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn - advertised Mar 1985

Badge engineering was an art form among Brit manufacturers and not even the cream of car-makers was immune.

When export earnings beckoned, Rolls-Royce didn't quibble about transplanting its famous grille onto a Mark 6 Bentley chassis and sending most of the resultant Silver Dawns to the USA.

More than 100 fortunate owners in Australia also acquired a Dawn; early RHD cars identified by the manual gearlever alongside the driver door.

These cars for some time avoided collector attention and cheap ones still exist, however the best exceed $100,000.

Then $18,500 Now $65-70,000


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