Alfa Romeo Spider - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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V6 soft-top seems like a lot of car for the money

Alfa Romeo Spider - today's tempter
Alfa Spider packs a fair bit of power and luxury.

Alfa Romeo's relaunch of the Spider - essentially a soft-top variant of the GTV - in the late 1990s revealed a bold Pininfarina styling package, then powered by a four-cylinder front-drive and manual powertrain out of the Fiat group.

Traditional Alfatisti looked a little askance at the front rather than rear-drive platform, though the fact is that's what you had to deal with if you wanted a new Alfa.

These were very expensive cars, with a power roof and luxurious interior appointments. Drivers reported the cabin was a nice place to be.

Like a lot of Euro cars, they haven't held their value well and now represent a bit of an opportunity for some looking for maximum bang for their buck.

This 2002 example is actually the MkII generation, and an upmarket version, with the V6 three-litre engine, rather than the two-litre four in the MkI. It claims 162kW (217hp) of power at 6300rpm and 270Nm of torque at 5000rpm, which should be more than enough to make it a very lively little car.

The one here looks tidy, is located in Vic and is priced at $16,777.


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