1974 Buick Electra — Today’s Tempter

By: Spencer Leech, Unique Cars magazine

You get a lot of metal for your money with Electras of this era.

1974 Buick Electra — Today’s Tempter
Massive with loads of chrome, these Buicks know how to make an entrance.

Few cars say ‘America’ as much as the Buick Electra. They have that long, sweeping boot, and an equally long bonnet with a ridiculously large V8 engine underneath. It’s one of those cars that wouldn’t look out of place in a 70s gangster flick.

In 1959, the Electra replaced the Super and Roadmaster and Limited in the Buick line-up. There were three models initially, the Electra, Electra 225, and the top-of-the-line Electra 225 Riviera that shared its six-window roofline with the Cadillac Fleetwood. The ‘225’ in the car’s designation refers to its massive 225-inch overall length. A 401ci (6.6-litre) V8 was standard, but an optional 425ci V8 was also available.

In 1961, the car was redesigned with significantly smaller fins. The entry-level Electra and flagship Riviera were dropped from the line-up, leaving only the Electra 225. Although automatic transmissions had always been standard, the second-generation model received Twin Turbine Dynaflow automatic transmissions.

Along with most GM vehicles, the Electra 225 received a major restyling in 1965, and was given the iconic fastback roof profile from the time. Buick added two trim levels on the third-gen Electra; base and Custom.

Just in case the 425ci engine wasn’t big enough for you, in 1967 Buick updated the Electra to a 430ci (7.0-litre), and then to a 455ci (7.5-litre) in 1970.

That brings us to the model we see here, the fourth generation Buick Electra. This car, located in Victoria, is equipped with a matching-numbers 455ci engine, has new carpet, a new heater and looks to be in reasonable condition. The seller is asking $12,000 with a roadworthy certificate supplied.

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