Toyota 2FQ15 4WD & Alpine A110 - the cars that got away

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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Ever thought, "I wish I'd bought that car?" Uncle Cliff takes us for a run through our old classified ads.

Toyota 2FQ15 4WD & Alpine A110 - the cars that got away
Should these big military-spec Toyotas be on the radar of collectors?

Toyota 2FQ15 4WD - advertised June 2007

Given the extreme prices being paid at present for 1950s-60s Toyota Landcruisers, we couldn't ignore this sumo-sized version.

Fleeting mentions on military-vehicle chat sites suggest that it isn't the only 2FQ on Australian turf.

India seems also to have a decent supply of civilian versions and one in an unbecoming shade of beige was recently offered at A$16,000.

This example looks smart and very militarily correct with its jerry-cans, shovel and something resembling an electric cattle prod bolted to the hull. Next big thing for the Cruiser collectors?

Then $14,000 Now $20-25,000

Alpine A110  advertised Sep 2002

Conceived by a car dealer who wanted to rally something more sporty than a bug-like 4CV sedan, Alpine became very successful throughout the 1960s and 70s.

More than 8000 of the pretty A110 coupe were made, with lightweight versions winning major events including the 1973 World Rally Championship.

No hint about where this car was built (A110s were built in a variety of countries including Spain, Bulgaria and Mexico) or if it has competition history.  Both affect values.

A rebodied, competition-spec car was auctioned during 2014, making $110,000. 

Then $49,000 Now $85-100,000

(first published Unique Cars mag 381)


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