Moffat & Richards meet GT-HO & A9X

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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UC396 cover story Richards and Moffat iin Unique Cars magazine 396. UC396 cover story

Preview: Legendary drivers reunite with the country's most desirable muscle cars in Unique Cars magazine number 396.

Moffat & Richards meet GT-HO & A9X
Richards and Moffat with the cars they made famous.

They span what are for many the glory years of local muscle cars, when big V8s went thundering across Mount Panorama with the drivers sawing at the wheel in the hope of etching their names in the history books.

Fortunately, many of the drivers and their cars are still with us, some four decades down the track. And it seemed irresistable to match up two of the most successful steerers of their era: The Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase III with Allan Moffat and Holden A9X hatchback with Jim Richards.

Between them, the two drivers have 12 Bathurst victories and eight Australian Touring Car championships. We're talking racing royalty.

Thanks to car owners Jason Horder and Ron Klein, we managed to reuinite them with two of the cars they're most famous for driving - in Richards' case for the first time in 37 years!

We spent a morning at Sandown Raceway playing with the cars, an experience which Richards and Moffat both thoroughly enjoyed.

See the full story, where we also unwrap the history and market values of these legendary machines, in issue 396 of Unique Cars magazine.

In the same edition, we continue our giant Fantastic Fins series, this time with four of the hero cars from the 1959 Chrysler catalogue.

Other highlights include John Bowe stepping out with a Ferrari track toy, Morley's workshop and hundreds of unique cars for sale. Enjoy!


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