Holden 1972 HQ SS up for grabs - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

They started out as cheap and cheerful and now they're highly prized

Holden 1972 HQ SS up for grabs - today's tempter
This HQ SS would could be a pretty nice cruiser.

This is a great example of how time can be very kind to some cars. The Holden HQ SS was, literally, a specced-up Belmont, intended to be a cheap and cheerful entry into performance cars.

Styled by the legendary Leo Pruneau, its graphics were made with the aid of the 3M company, which at the time was just getting a toe-hold in the Australian market.

Basic spec was a Belmont with a 253 V8 in the snout and four-on-the-floor transmission.

Even basics like armrests had to be ordered as an option.

The 1972 model proved to be wildly successful, far more so than Holden expected, which found itself having to run out a second batch of cars to satisfy orders from dealers.

Three colours were offered, luridly named Lettuce Alone (green) Ultra Violet and Infra Red. Very seventies.

The model now has a dedicated club, which we can recommend joining.

In the meantime this car is a relatively high-spec version, which has air and power steering. The owner is asking $45,000.

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