Historic Corvette art show in USA

By: Spencer Leech, Unique Cars magazine

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Original Corvette art to be displayed at upcoming exhibit in Detroit

Historic Corvette art show in USA
Allen Young Corvette rendering.

The automotive art show, Corvette: 7 Generations and Beyond, will include more than 100 drawings and models of every Corvette to date. Some pieces aim to replicate the real thing, where as others are more conceptual and are an abstract take on the famed American sportster.

Exhibit curator Robert Edwards came up with the idea while researching for his documentary, American Dreaming. Edwards developed a network of auto designers, who helped him gather as many Corvette renderings as he could.

Were doing this to recognize a huge part of American culture and car culture that has largely been overlooked, Edwards explains My big hope and dream is that this concept work will be recognized as fine art worthy of inclusion in art museums.

The exhibit will include work from a large number of automotive designers, former GM employees and student artists from local Detroit universities. Edwards is still hoping to recruit more Corvette designers to participate in the event.

The Corvette exhibit is definitely different from any of our previous exhibits because it is a special model and the Corvette seems to really personify a certain aspect of the America dream, Edwards said. Corvettes have always been beautiful objects, and thats an interesting aspect to explore in this exhibit.

Corvette: 7 Generations and Beyond will take place from January 4 to February 4 at the Scarab Club. If youd like to learn more, head to ScarabClub.org.


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