BMW E28 528i - today's budget tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Euro sedan was a top-line luxo car in its day and now offers a cheap entry into classics.

BMW E28 528i - today's budget tempter
This could be a cheap entry into classic cars.

European luxury cars always seem to start out in the straospheric end of the price list and end up at the bottom - for a while at least. Then at least some of them become flavour of the year with collectors and take off again.

Unfortunately we don't know what year this car is, but the E28 series began production in 1981 (when the 528 was the top-of-the-line offering) and finished in 1988.

The 528 designation means it has a 2.8lt version of the injected M30 inline six engine which, along with the ZF four-speed transmission, should be pretty robust.

Rust can be a concern, so that needs checking.

This example appears to have a known history and the owners would seem to be enthusiasts, both of which are good signs.

Euro cars often scare would-be buyers because of their reputation for being expensive to fix. However parts for this series are readily available through several sources and there is good local knowledge.

What you do get is good performance, very good handling and a high level of comfort.

We'd want to know what was involved in getting this one roadworthy. If it wasn't too onerous, the $3900 asking price could add up to a cheap and very capable entry into classic cars.


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