Purvis Eureka and Mitsubishi Sigma – the cars that got away

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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UNC 378 EUREKA JAN 94 Purvis Eureka UNC 378 EUREKA JAN 94
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Uncle Cliff goes trawling through our old ads, looking for the gems and the disasters.

Purvis Eureka and Mitsubishi Sigma – the cars that got away
Not many of these Sigmas are left, despite their initial popularity.

Advertised Jan ’94 – Purvis Eureka Sports

For many years Australia pioneered the advancement of build-it-yourself cars and among our most prolific producers was Alan Purvis. After battling the Canberra bureaucracy and design regulations, Purvis adopted as the name for his UK-sourced Nova Australia’s oldest symbol of civil disobedience. This car in unusual white looks to be one of the earlier Eurekas, with shallow side windows, ‘nostrils’ in the front panel and bugger-all headroom. Offered at a time when oddball cars were tough to sell, the price was scary but someone who paid $6000-7000 will have done OK.

Then $9950  Now $25-30,000

Advertised Nov ’03 – Mitsubishi Sigma 2.6

A Sigma? What’s a Sigma doing in here, they’re not rare are they? Sadly, yes they are. The car that changed Australia’s perspective on motoring  has been neglected  almost to extinction, yet values have barely doubled during the past decade.

During the 1970s when fuel costs dominated car-buying decisions, the Sigma was king and kept its crown until the 1980s.

This GK Super has the 2.6-litre engine and more equipment than the average ‘rep’ car but after 20 years was reduced to the status of a cheap runabout. Someone who paid $3K likely scrapped it when the tyres wore out.

Then $2950  Now $5500-6500

(Our man in NSW, Glenn Torrens, has recently bought one of these, having grown up with another example as a kid. It was a genuine shed find in brilliant condition and he’s now as happy as a pig in the proverbial. See the story from Unique Cars mag issue 395.)


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