Porsche 911T, Maserati Ghibli, GAZ Command Car - the ones that got away!

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

UNC 378 PORSCHE 911T NOV 2007 Porsche 911T UNC 378 PORSCHE 911T NOV 2007
maserati ghibli maserati ghibli
gaz 4wd gaz 4wd

If you were lucky or smart enough to buy a 911T or a Ghibli a few years back, you've done very well. If you splashed it out on a GAZ, well, the news ain't so good.

Porsche 911T, Maserati Ghibli, GAZ Command Car - the ones that got away!
Porsche 911T values have skyrocketed.

Advertised Nov 07  Porsche 911T 2.4

Back in 1972 there werent many cars on Australian roads more likely to generate avocado-hued envy than an orange Porsche on a set of Fuchs windmill alloy wheels. Race-goers loved the way Jim McKeowns Improved Production Porsche hounded V8s but it took until quite recently for early 911s to translate desirability into surging values. Even in 2007, anyone seeking $70,000 for a 911E would be deemed more than cheeky but that attitude has changed. Cars the equivalent of this one now frequently vault the $150,000 barrier and are heading higher.

Then $69,500  Now $155-170,000

Advertised May 97  Maserati Ghibli

Sorry for all who arent baby boomers who missed the opportunity to open a late 60s motor magazine to marvel at the most extraordinary car designs ever penned. The E-Type, Miura and 246 Dino sit on the pinnacle, with cars like this Maserati not far below. With 257kW and good for 260km/h, the Ghibli was Masers first successful V8 supercar (1150 coupes made against just 50 of the earlier 5000GT) and for years remained underpriced. Today they are no longer cheap, but compared with the money being made by Miuras, Daytonas and the like they still very much rank as bargain buys.

Then $63,990  Now $260-290,000

Advertised Dec 88  GAZ Command Car

Now tell me again; you bought a Prado because its tall and intimidates other parents when they try to steal your parking spot at play-group? Well, just pray none of them ever lays hands on this escapee from the Eastern Bloc. We doubt that the artillery poking out of the scuttle would be operational but those guards are real steel and the bumpers very much the business. This four-door is likely a derivative of the 2.2-litre 69M made during the 1960s and a distant forerunner of the Lada Niva. No one seems to have sold one in quite some time.

Then $13,000  Now $15-20,000

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