Now's the time to order your Morgan - importer

Updated brake-assist requirements cause headache for boutique car maker.

Now's the time to order your Morgan - importer
A change of ADR standards has caused grief for Morgan.

Morgan Cars in Australia has struck a snag for its 3 Wheeler and traditional four-wheelers, which may limit what can be imported here - at least in the short to medium term.

In a recent email, importer Chris van Wyk, said: "Due to further changes to the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) the Morgan 3 Wheeler will no longer be eligible for registration in Australia effective from 1 November 2017.  This is extremely disappointing considering the long and costly process of getting the 3 Wheeler altered from a ‘motorcycle’ to a ‘luxury car’ to qualify for importation into Australia. 

"For any Morganeers who have been thinking of a 3 Wheeler there is now less than two months left to order one of these unique vehicles.

"The next available production slots for the 3 Wheeler are now in June 2017.  Last Australian production will be in July to reach Australia in time for the 1 November deadline.

"These same changes to the Australia Design Rules (ADRs) became effective a year earlier for cars.  That is to say from 1 November 2016 - for the 4 wheel vehicles.  As a result no orders could be taken for the Classic Morgans – 4/4, Plus 4 and Roadster - since early 2016.  (The Plus 8 is not affected by these changes.)

"After discussions with the Morgan Motor Company in the UK, it has committed to undertaking further tests on the Classic models for Australia, and, if accepted by Canberra, the Classic models will hopefully be available again for sale in limited volumes in 2017. 

"The outcome of the test and submission to Canberra should be known in early 2017."

The issue has surrounded the adoption of brake-assist standards, which Morgan has not got the locally-required certification for among its more traditional offerings.

However recent talks between the importer and the Dept of Transport & Infrastructure have raised a ray of hope, according to van Wyk. So, the advice is get your order in now if you're serious, just in case.

As an aside, we're told the 3 Wheeler has been a big hit for the English marque, with production struggling to keep up with demand.



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