Mercedes-Benz Grosser and the Zimmer – the cars that got away

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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UNC 378 M BENZ 600 JAN 2005 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman UNC 378 M BENZ 600 JAN 2005
UNC 378 ZIMMER JAN 01 P272 Zimmer automobile UNC 378 ZIMMER JAN 01 P272

Go through our old ads and you'll find some stuff that really is out there. Here are a couple of examples.

Mercedes-Benz Grosser and the Zimmer – the cars that got away
Benz Grossers are hugely expensive to restore, but have a big following.

Advertised Jan ’05 – Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman

Name a slightly unhinged head of state or eccentric rock star and there’s a good chance that at some point in the past 50 years they will have owned a Mercedes 600 Grosser. The short-wheelbase version was relatively common (2190 made) but this is a four-door Pullman with 700 additional millimetres between the axles. Few of the longer version came here – the ad says two – and tyre baron Bob Jane had one of the ultra-rare soft-top Landaulettes. The 2005 asking price was low by international standards and this car may have headed offshore.

Then $90,000  Now $275-300,000

Advertised Jan ’01 – Zimmer

‘Elegant’ isn’t the word that springs immediately to mind when looking at this extraordinary tribute to questionable taste. However there have been plenty of prominent people with no qualms about being seen alighting from something more glitzy than the Coronation Coach.  Current equivalents of this 1980s Golden Spirit coupe are Mustang-based and cost US$218,000 so there is some justification for used values soon to nudge six digits. The vendor was very likely correct in believing it to be the only one here and one of very few RHD Zimmers as well.

Then $39,990  Now $70-80,000


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