Gearbox Part 2 - Piloti Prototipo, Nissan Hakusoka Shirt, Big Heat Heater

By: Unique Cars Magazine

Gearbox 394 Part 2 - Need some gear advice? Look no further

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Piloti Prototipo

Nothing quite puts the willlies up a driving coach like seeing a punter climb behind the wheel wearing Fast Shoes. You know, those fashion ‘racing’ booties with go-faster stripes and carbon fibre badging? Guaranteed first-corner crasher. Piloti make some very stylish driving shoes that avoid the overt Fast Shoe cliché. The Prototipo here starts at $199. Check them out at their homepage,

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Nissan Hakusoka Shirt

The Curb Shop is an absolute treasure trove of cool apparel and this season’s stock includes this lovely Nissan Hakosuka shirt, and all sorts of other old-school goodness. The USD$29.99 asking price isn’t the cheapest but the goods look the goods. We’re also tempted by the gated manual gearshift tee and the beautiful Safari rally Porsche shirts. Dive in and treat yourself at

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Big Heat Heater

As you may or may not know, Unique Cars is published in Melbourne, so for a good deal of the year an early morning spannering session means that the garage is colder than a witch’s tit. On several occasions we’ve had to rescue a hypothermic Guido Allen, using steaming mugs of coffee and the threat of Big Linda from accounts payable. The Broan Nu-Tone Big Heat Heater is on our Christmas list. It’s yours for USD$53 from here

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