Ford Mustang collection in unreserved auction

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Northern Territory Mustang collection on the block

Ford Mustang collection in unreserved auction
This Sports Roof has been dressed up as a Mach 1.

Fancy a trip to Darwin? If so you may find a bargain or two there, so long as your tastes run to early 70s Ford Mustangs.

A collection of seven cars is on offer through Grays Online, including a Mach 1, two Sports Roof and two convertibles.

The lots are:

1971 Mach 1 351 4V auto in black;

1970 coupe 302 auto in silver;

1970 convertible 302 auto in red;

1971 Sports Roof 351 auto in yellow;

1973 Sports Roof 351 auto dressed up as a Mach 1 in red;

1969 convertible 351 auto in white;

1970 Grande 351 auto in white.

The online bidding is so far fairly low, though this may change as the deadline nearsat 5.00pm on November 30. It's worth noting there's a 7 per cent buyer premium.







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