Christmas Gift Ideas - Galaxie model, Speedway book, Autoglym water blade

By: Unique Cars Magazine

Gearbox 393 - Need some new toys? Look no further.


63 1/2 Galaxie model

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It’s possible to get lost for hours in the minutiae of the quite wonderful Sunstars die-cast models website and picking just one model to showcase here prompted an argument in the office that required the casting vote of the big fella, editor Guy. In the end, we came down to this Dick Brannan 63-and-a-half Galaxie. Although you should also check out the Alitalia Lancia Stratos of Pinto and Bernacchini. Go to


Speedway book

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Breathtaking aerial destruction, people skidding arse-first on cinders, superb oppo grimaces, all manner of fantastic machinery and politically incorrect antics, ‘Speedway’ by Tony Loxley has the lot. This hardback covers all things oval racing in Australia between 1950-89, the 400-page compendium lovingly curated by Loxley. Capturing this golden age brilliantly. It’s $60 well spent at


Autoglym water blade

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Nobody likes to have a bunch of wet rags hanging around, so take a tip from some of our photographers. If you want to dry the surface of a car quickly and effectively, try an Autoglym Water Blade. Like the squeegee you use on your shower door, it zips most of the water off your car in seconds. Any residual traces of moisture buff off with a chamois, leaving a perfectly dry surface.Find a stockist at


Racing History of the Ford GT-HO DVD

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The Racing History of The Australian Ford Falcon GT-HO’ DVD does pretty much what it says on the case, tracing the origins of the GT from the original Falcon XR GT of Gibson and Firth fame right through to Alan Moffat’s heroics and ending with the GT-HO that never raced but which might have become a giant, the Phase IV. It’s a well-trodden story, but one that’s executed very well. Available for $29.99 from

SO-CAL hoodie

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We love a good hoodie here at Unique and this SO-CAL Speed Shop heavyweight certainly appeals. You probably don’t need a history lesson on Alex Xydias and his lakester crew, and this old-school  navy hoodie, with cam logo on the front pays homage to the exploits of Los Angeles’ most celebrated custom shop. If you’ve already got one of the classic red and white logo shirts, here’s a cool complement. It’s $48 USD at


1/12 scale art pieces

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Dave Clark is a UK-based industrial designer who creates some strange and intriguing models, furniture and objets d’art all based on automobilia. We’ve recently been driving Alfa’s crazy SZ, so look out for that online and in the forthcoming issue, but in the meantime, here’s a more elegant take on Il Mostro, a 1/12th scale slice of loveliness formed from mild steel. He’s got masses of models to pick from, priced from between $30 and $690. Check them out at

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