Ford Falcon XB 1975 – today’s tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

Big, bold and blue - you wouldn't miss it in the car park!

Ford Falcon XB 1975 – today’s tempter
It's a replica rather than a true GT, but nevertheless looks pretty good.

There’s something about the ‘coke bottle’ shape of the XA-XC series Falcon that seems to have aged surprisingly well. Plenty of people seem to agree, as we’ve seen values steadily rise over recent times.

Built from 1973 to 1976, this series was notable for offering disc front brakes as standard. It also marked a high period for racing for the two-door hardtop version, which scored a huge number of wins in the hands of Allan Moffat

This car is an interesting one: it’s a GT replica rather than a true GT, something which is reflected in the relatively modest price.

It does however have some good spec, as it claims to have started life as a 351 with police interceptor running gear. That means it should have a bit more poke than the bog-standard Cleveland, which claimed 260 horses, and probably something closer to 300 as it should be running GT specs.

The owner says it also has a limited slip diff and the transmission is an auto.

Apparently it scored a light resto about 14 years ago, when it was dressed up as a GT.

The ad suggests it also has the upgraded GT brakes, with discs all round. They were stock on the GTs only and an $85 option on other models. If the ad is right in saying this started as a cop car, it may well have had them ex-factory.

Asking price is $36,500 and it’s located in the ACT.

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