Ford Falcon 1964 XM bash car - Friday Find

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

Rough and hopefully ready - 3-speed Falcon XM bash car

Ford Falcon 1964 XM bash car - Friday Find
Could this be the ticket to a big adventure? Gotta love an XM Falcon.

It's one of those things we probably all need to do at some stage, which is tackle a charity bash in a big Aussie car.

There's not a lot of detail on this one, but the ad says it's a 1964 XM Falcon and its state-of-readiness is unknown.

It's a 3-speed six, while the pics suggest it probably needs some work to keep it on the road. However it claims to have current reg in Victoria.

The owner also says it's somehow survived two previous bash-style events.

Just a quick refresher: the XM was produced 1964-65 in several guises, including sedan, coupe, utility, station wagon and van.

Two engines were offered: the 144 cube (2.4lt) and 170 (2.8lt), claiming 96 and 111 horses respectively. No info on which we have here, or its state of health, but we imagine it's had a freshen up at some stage.

It has what seems to be the compulsory bash kit, which is giant spotlights and a roof rack that looks like it was designed for a Kenworth. It also has a much later steering wheel, whch looks comfy if a little out of place.

There's no RWC, so of course you need to go in with your eyes wide open on this one.

However, if the body looks like it will hang together, the mechanicals are simple and fixed at minimal expense.

The price? $3500. Not a fortune, and it might just have the makings of a fun project car.

Go on, give us a drive if you buy it...

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