1959 Chrysler Wayfarer - Sunday Tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Australian-assembled Chrysler is a bit of a rarity

1959 Chrysler Wayfarer - Sunday Tempter
Aussie-built ute would be a great cruiser.

Just out of curiosity, we went searching for Wayfarer utes and found three in our listings: one 1958 heavily modified, this one, plus an exceptional-looking 1971 VG.

This was the cheapest. priced at $18,500. It would have come out of the South Australian Chrysler plant alongside the Royal sedan which we featured recently.

This example has had some updates, including a 383 V8, matched to a 727 auto, plus disc brakes all round.

The owner says it has a few rust spots and we noticed the bench seat looks like it could do with repair. Overall, however, it looks pretty good in the photos.

You can't help but notice the tail fins - 1959 was the pinnacle year for fins for American designers and Unique Cars mag is in the middle of doing an eight-car two-part feature on GM and Chrysler fins from that same year. (See issues 395 & 396.)

We reckon this thing is well worth a look. A bit of a tidy-up and you'd have a very functional cruiser that's pretty rare.



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