Project Torana anyone?

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Not the sexy model but has potential as a budget classic

Project Torana anyone?
Could this be the start of a beautiful resto project?

Here's one to get the creative juices flowing - a cheap starter classic for someone priced at $2700. This 1974 TA model - a four-cylinder - was the last hurrah of the original Vauxhall shape before Holden launched with the mid-sized (and much more substantial) LH.

You'd struggle doing a six conversion as it's a massive job and not worth it. But there's plenty of knowledge and talent out there to get the four humming. They weighed barely 900kg, so you wouldn't need a lot of grunt to get it moving.

This model, which was a stop-gap small car before the release of the Gemini, was available with 1.3 or 1.8lt powerplants and was produced for just 11 months at about 1000 per month.

It might be a bit of a grandma car, but some creative work could transform it.

You can see it online here.

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