Brock HDT prototype - the ones that got away

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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That old Commodore? Nah, who needs it?

Brock HDT prototype - the ones that got away
Just needs a bit of paint and a freshen-up...

April 2002 HDT Commodore Prototype

It was a big month for prototypes and rarities but nothing in these pages would appeal more strenuously to Aussie enthusiasts than this old Holden.

Brock devotees will immediately recognise the slightly decrepit Commodore as the fabled Car 000; a VB SL (not VC) in Atlantis Blue with what would become trademark Brock wheel-arch extensions and Irmscher alloys. 

Like the better-known two-tone green second prototype (an SL/E designated 001) Car #000 has, we believe, been restored but is rarely seen or photographed.  

Then $11,000  Now $100,000+

(first published issue 377, 2015)


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