BMW Z4 one-off gets V10 Viper power

By: Andy Enright, Unique Cars magazine

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s l16002 V10 Viper engine fits - amazing! s l16002
s l160099 Full cage and harness set-up is serious. s l160099

A marriage made in heaven or the track car from Hell? Either way this one-off will get your attention

BMW Z4 one-off gets V10 Viper power
Mad combination of Z4 and Viper.

MOST PEOPLE would find the standard BMW Z4 M Coupe enough of a handful. An oversquare footprint coupled with 252kW of barking six and a famously spiky Sport throttle map, the M is an angry little car. Someone in Germany clearly felt it wasn’t malevolent enough and has somehow shoehorned the 8.3-litre V10 from a Dodge Viper into the pointy end.

Initial impressions that this would be something of a lead-tipped arrow are dispelled by the numbers from the scales, showing a 51% front, 49% rear balance that levels to a perfect 50-50 with the driver on board. With 550hp (405kW) at your disposal and 750Nm of torque, 90 percent of which is on tap at just 1500rpm, this thing sounds terrifyingly fast.

It’s been properly engineered too, with a monster cage, an exhaust that can pass a drive-by noise test, Audi R8 Brembo brakes, and a Tremec T-56 six-speed box. It’s been built to comply with full FIA certification, with a cro-mo centre tunnel, yet is road legal, in Germany at least. The vendor lists three additional jobs that he had considered but not undertaken; additional weight loss with CF parts (the car currently weighs in at 1398kg), a conversion to electrically-assisted steering and a forced induction package that would require a modified radiator to free up space.

The vendor’s location? Saarbrucken. According to Google Maps that’s a fun 1hr49m blat across the Hunsruck to the Nurburgring. You would, wouldn’t you?

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