Near-New Pontiac Trans Am Barn Find

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pontiac trans am Pontiac Trans Am barn find pontiac trans am

Dream survivor car on the market

Near-New Pontiac Trans Am Barn Find
Pontiac Trans Am barn find

There are barn (or shed) finds that, really, might have been better off if they'd stayed hidden away. This one is a very different story.

Up for auction on Ebay is a tenth anniversary Trans Am that's had the one owner since 1979, who has only driven it 2013 miles. That was clocked before being taken off the road in 1985.

Instead of just letting it rot (which is what most people do) he has actually kept it tidy and started it occasionally, plus given it the odd oil change.

According to the description, it still has a new car smell inside.

The car (an auto) has original paint and has been kept in a heated shed, under a cover.

By the look if it, a quick service and a light dusting would see it on the road again.

Any guesses on what it's worth? Bidding at the Ebay auction had reached over US$42,000 (AU$55,000), with a couple of days to run.

Given that survivor cars are currently so highly-prized, the bidding still has a way to go.

Trans Ams were a late entry into the muscle car game and developed a reputation for being reliable and user-friendly.

Some of the plastics were vulnerable to decay, but otherwise they were a solid buy.

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