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Bentley Turbo R The Bentley Turbo R is now bargain buying Bentley Turbo R

Bentley Turbo R has to be one of the great luxury bargains of our time

In its day, one of these luxury missiles would have set you back a cool $300,000. At the time, you could buy a very good house for that sort of money.

We're talking the very top end of British motoring - not just your bread and butter Roller, but the Bentley version with more power and much tidier handling.

But, like so many luxury cars over the years, the poor old Bentley has suffered a major price crash on the used market. Still, someone else's depreciation could be your gain, as you can now score what looks a pretty tidy example for around $31,000.

In fact there are three currently advertised here at Trade Unique Cars from as low as $20,000. (Search all Bentleys for sale here.)

What you need to remember of course is that, while the purchase price is cheap, the running costs may not be. You need someone who knows these cars to service it, if you want to keep it working properly. Plus, they drink fuel like there's no tomorrow.

If you can live with that, there's no argument with them being a truly great piece of machinery. In fact, we rated it as one of the world's great cars back in 2014. In that story, legendary motoring journo Peter Robinson said, "The Turbo R driver sits tall in his plush supportive seat, grips a comfortable though thin-rimmed leather steering wheel. It still feels like a car, mostly like a Jaguar, but faster, taller, more luxurious, better riding, though not by far, and, more, well, significant... the car likes to be well set up in advance."

See the full Bentley Turbo R story here.


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