HK Monaro GTS: Ones That Got Away 04/02

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HK Monaro GTS April 2002 HK Monaro GTS April 2002 HK Monaro GTS April 2002

Ones that got away: HK Monaro GTS 186S – advertised April 2002

Fifteen years isn’t a long time in the context of automotive history but long enough for response to this Monaro’s price tag to switch from ‘They’re joking’ to ‘Grab it!’.

Looking at this magnificent Warwick Yellow HK with everything in showroom-perfect condition you can understand the seller’s desire for maximum cabbage. However, $20K was more than most people were paying at the time for GTS 327s and this was just a 186S.

Currently a car of this model and quality will have eager buyers queued around the corner and $80k is not out of the question.

Then $19,750  Now $70-80,000

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