Falcon XY Ute: Ones That Got Away 04/05

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Ford XY Falcon GS351 Utility Ford XY Falcon GS351 Utility Ford XY Falcon GS351 Utility

From our 'Ones that got away' section back in April, 2005: Ford XY Falcon GS351 Utility


Ford XY Falcon GS351 Utility

Freddie Gibson’s ‘shop ute’ is one of the best-known commercial vehicles in Australia and would inevitably crop up for sale at some point in Unique Cars. Sometimes we speculate on the whereabouts and condition of Gotaways subjects but with this one we can report the news as all good.

The distinctive XY ute is currently back in the market; still looking stunning but now plastered with logos and decals in the styles it would have carried when under Gibson ownership. The only major alteration is to the price which is around three times its 2005 level. 

Then $27,000 Now $65-75,000

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