Barn Find Boss 429 Mustang

By: Andy Enright

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This incredible barn-find 429 Boss has emerged from its garage after 37 years


Barn Find Boss

Nothing wears the patina of authenticity much better than this incredible barn-find 429 Boss.

It was originally bought from Ritar Ford in Norwalk, Connecticut in July 1969 by a Mr W, an emigrant German who had opened a German pie and cake store and was clearly pining for the Vaterland. The Boss was one of four cars he owned and then shipped back to Germany in 1974, its owner claiming that the day it rolled off the boat in Bremerhaven was the only time this vehicle ever saw rain.

It was then driven to his home which was near an American air base, which made it easy for him to get the yearly registrations. It was driven with its Connecticut license plates for four years, and then one day in late summer of 1978, the car was parked in his garage and then didn’t move for thirty years, the odometer staying at 12,893 original miles.

Then in 2008, the garage roof was damaged and water got into the building. Mr W fixed the roof and cleaned the car up and the garage was again sealed until spring of this year when after 46 years of ownership, its 80-year-old owner decided he might finally part company with it. The car is absolutely original apart from the German-spec halogen driving lights, and comes with the original title, registration slips and license plates.

The paint and interior is all original and even in its current state, it’ll realise a bit more than the $5170 Mr W originally handed over for it. Tidy, low mileage examples are currently trading at around USD$500,000. This one's since been sold to a collector for an undisclosed fee.


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